Do You Want to be a Malaysian Patent Agent ?

Do You Want to be a Malaysian Patent Agent and help advance innovation across industries?  

Equip yourself professionally to assist inventors and businesses in obtaining patents for their inventions.


🗓 23rd Sept–8th Oct, 2023

🕙 10am-5pm (Saturdays & Sundays)

📍BAC PJ Campus

Protect the rights of individuality & innovation as a Malaysian Patent Agent!  

Learn to combine legal experience with technical knowledge, review the latest inventions in science and technology, and determine the uniqueness and novelty of an invention by drafting patent applications.  

Why Join Our Course?

➡ Effectively prepare for the Malaysian Patent Agent Examinations

➡ Develop a deep understanding of Intellectual Property & Patent law

➡ Get updated on current Intellectual Property practice & cases

➡ Gain unique insights into the world of Intellectual Property & Patent law

➡ Explore a potential career as a Malaysian Patent Agent

Develop the right skills to provide guidance on patent infringement issues and help clients enforce their patent rights today!

To register, contact or call the ALA Helpline (03-7947 2249).

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