Social Responsibility with a Passion

The BAC Education Group is committed to increasing access to education and promoting principles of social justice through sponsored events and activities that encourage inclusiveness. We value and advocate respect for cultural and individual differences, including those due to age, disability and socioeconomic status, as well as the implementation of affirmative action policies that promote access to education and employment for disadvantaged and special needs groups.

The Make It Right Movement

Founded in 2015, the Make It Right Movement (MIRM) is a CSR initiative that supports over 200 charity and CSR-related projects annually. These projects give our students, staff and society in general opportunities to volunteer and champion causes that are close to their heart whilst improving their leadership, communication and collaborative skills.

MIRM seeks to leverage our resources – be it money, time, talent or human resources (especially our students)- to inspire a positive change in society. This movement ensures that we work in tandem with our chosen communities to ensure their long-term sustainability and growth by leveraging off the Malaysian public’s commitment to social services.

Besides the areas and partners listed below, MIRM is working on a whole host of projects including expediting and helping launch the Limitless Mobility Programme by a ride share company to mainstream the special needs community via 20 discounted fares a month, helping support the development of the world’s first Open University for Refugees (OUR), supporting a café run by children with autism to running English and Life Skills classes for refugees and children in Homes for free. MIRM also advises our partners on fund raising and helps develop advocacy and social media strategy for long term sustainability of our partners. The MIRM website lists the many projects and events that we run –

MIRM is involved in projects in the following areas:

    1. Education
    2. Health
    3. Special Needs
    4. Children
    5. Disaster Relief
    6. Refugees
    7. Women
    8. Unemployment
    9. Environment
    10. Homelessness
    11. Sports Inclusivity
    12. Animal Welfare