Living in the UK

The UK is an incredible mix of international cultures and as an international
student; you’ll find an array of exciting experiences ahead of you. You will
also have the opportunity to discover exotic places and meet new people.


The food you can buy in the UK reflects the many ethnic influences in
British society. Of course, you’ll still find the famous English breakfast and
fish and chips, but you’ll also see a very diverse range of cuisines. When
you become an international student in the UK, cooking and sharing a
traditional meal from your home country is a great way to make new


Whether you just listen or take part, you’ll find pop, rock, electro, hip-hop,
classical, folk, jazz, opera and all sorts of world music in the UK. From small
clubs, independent cafes and bars to international concert halls, rock
festivals or gigs, you can listen and dance to live music all over the UK.
Many famous artists and bands play at university and college venues too.

Apart from a wealth of clubs and societies on campus, you can also visit
traditional museums, contemporary art spaces and galleries in most cities.
The UK also has a vibrant theatre and performing arts heritage, maintaining
both traditional plays and musicals, and encouraging new and alternative

Programme Pathway

UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law)

You could choose to complete a 1+2 (1 year at BAC and 2 years at a partner
university) or 2+1 (2 years at BAC and 1 year at a partner university) in the UK.
Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded an
LLB (Hons) degree from the university.

Students graduating with a degree from a partner university will be
accorded UK Qualifying status, making them eligible for the Bar
Professional Training Course. If you intend to practice law with this degree,
you can then embark on either the BPTC in the UK or the Certificate in
Legal Practice in Malaysia.

UK Transfer Degree Programme (Business)

This programme offers you a choice of degrees ranging from the most
common (Business Management) and (Accounting and Finance) to the
unconventional (Logistics & Supply Chain Management) from over 12
prestigious UK partner universities.