5 Social Media Faux Pas To Avoid As A Job Seeker

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So, you have just graduated or even contemplating a career change. You may have prepared your resume but what about your social media accounts?

In this article, we highlight 5 blunders to avoid on social media as a job seeker.

1. Inappropriate profile photos

If you think that a profile photo of your night out partying best represents you – think again. Employers look for new talent who take their work seriously to represent their brand and company goals. Posting images of yourself which are inappropriate or offensive may kill your chances of being hired as many employers nowadays tend to vet their candidates’ presence on social media. In a competitive job market, you want to stand out for the right reasons!

2. Offensive remarks and ranting online

You had a bad day in the office or at home, and all you want to do is rant. Hear this – DO NOT rant online. Similar to inappropriate profile photos, you must be wary of your conduct online. Tidy up your social media accounts by removing all status or posts shared that does not work in your favour as a professional. Always exercise caution when commenting or posting online to avoid things being taken out of context.

3. Avoid sharing confidential information 

Consider whether sharing details online about your past achievements or successful projects working for a particular company is permissible. Avoid sharing on social media detailed information about company business strategies, product innovations, etc, which may be regarded as sensitive corporate information.

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4. No LinkedIn Profile

Maintaining a LinkedIn profile is a great way to show future employers that you are serious about being employed by displaying your range of skills and work experience. In addition, you get to make valuable connections that may increase your chances of being hired. Including the link to your LinkedIn profile in your resume also indicates that you are career-minded.

5. Inactive social media accounts

Allowing common social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc to remain inactive for a prolonged period of time comes across as a lack of interest to employers. It is advisable to update your LinkedIn profile  and other common social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram before seeking a new job.

For many job seekers, social media presence is all about getting noticed by prospective employers and expanding your social network. Be mindful of your etiquette, be it online or offline to land that dream job!