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30 years have passed since the inception of Brickfields Asia College. Our journey since then has been nothing short of a whirlwind! Over the past three decades, we have cemented our position as the Nation’s No. 1 Law School by…

Excellence in Education For Over a Decade

Education is one of the most important aspects of our lives. It shapes who we are and helps us reach our goals. For over three decades, we at BAC have been preparing students for successful careers in law. But what…

BAC Gives BACk

BAC Gives BACk was created to meet the rising and urgent needs of communities who had to depend on INGOs, NGOs and CSOs to sustain themselves and their families in an environment which had limited funding. The platform threads the…

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*Via UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law)

**Via UK Transfer Degree Programme (Business)

***Via UK Transfer Degree Programme (IT)

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Conflict of laws signifies the difference between the laws of two or more jurisdictions that are applicable to a dispute in question. The results of the case depend upon the selection of the law to resolve the dispute. The conflict…
What exactly is the meaning of the word “evidence”? The term “evidence” comes from the Latin word “evidens evidere,” which means “to show clearly; to make clear, certain, or to prove.” A set of regulations for determining disputed facts in…
Common Law Reasoning is a subject which explores the components of the English legal system and the distinctiveness of the common law tradition, as a legal methodology and characteristics applicable to the civil and criminal justice system. The justice system…

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